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October 10, 2013


A team of Chinese researchers working at Sun Yat-Sen University has found a possible way for drinkers of alcoholic beverages to minimize their risk of developing a hangover and other negative side-effects: consume Sprite.

(Thanks to Rich Steurer)


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Does Sprite Zero work?

So I have to mix my vodka with Sprite instead of cranberry juice?

And to think 7-UP was invented for that very reason.

I'll have a 7-and-7, please.

I learned the value of moderation when I was 14 and binged on Southern Comfort and Sprite (at 14 I took what I could get). It caused my worst hangover ever, besides being an obnoxious combination. I have never consumed alcohol with Sprite since then, and despite the Chinese study, don't intend to. I recommend Tang instead.

There shouldn't be any reason to get drunk in the worker's glorious socialist paradise.

or you could just try coke

Warning: The belch after chugging bender ender Sprite might be flammable.

There's a university in the PRC named for Sun-Yat-Sen? He was a Nationlist. I would think the People's Republic would be um, unhappy with memorializing him. The mysterious East.

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