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October 05, 2013


Bear walks into Vons, eats some apples and leaves

(Thanks to J.R. Absher, who says, "They sell leaves at Vons?")

("Shoot" reference explained here.)


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Cute widdle teddy.

Terrific book, by the way.

The scene: a cabin outside of Gatlinburg where my family had been eating dinner, playing games, and listening to the wind rattle the door on occasion.
The reality: there was no wind. It was a bear out there that hadn't quite mastered the doorknob function.
Fortunately, we had Stewie and Joe, two hairballs of fury that weighed 9 and 14 lbs to protect us.
And they did. Scared that bear to death.

"... he will become a problem bear and his future will be bleak."

He will be rounded up, sedated, and sent to Washington.

Tranquilize him and drop him off outside WalMart.

Tranquilize him so he'll blend in with the other patrons? Or the staff?

Meh, I read the book.

Sometimes being short and having a bear suit are a good thing.

Umm. Pie...

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