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October 10, 2013


Don’t laugh at the “man purse”—it’s now a $9 billion luxury business

(Thanks to Jay Brandes)


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But look at the uh "men" who are carrying them. IYKWIM

Hey, Jack Bauer carries one. You don't put quotation marks around "man" when you're talking about him.

I have a messenger bag that I use as a murse.

That's only because he'll shoot you in the knee - unless you put your murse there.

Exactly, Mikey.

I agree, do not laugh at the man purse...just the "man" carrying one. And then beat the crap out of him.

If these are for men why didn't they get some men to model them? I've always made it a rule to never date anyone prettier than I am.

My Little Pony rucksack sounds so much more manly

So what you're saying, Cindy, is that you date anyone?

Good lord! What are they carrying in there? Bricks? Their boyfriends?
I didn't think it was possible to find a purse larger and heavier than the one my wife carries.
I stand corrected. Corrected, but purseless.

Awww. Thanks wiredog.

I must confess the sin of having used a fanny pack back, the ancestor of the murse, back in the day.

So I click on the story and see three blokes carry bags. And this is new? Wait. I must buy them! Not.

If the good Lord had intended men to carry purses He would have given men pants with non-functional pockets.

Isn't that what briefcases are for? For years I've carried a canvas "contractor's" briefcase. Like a cross between a courier bag and a compact tool kit. Files in the front, pliers in the back.

Don't laugh at the man purse, baby.
Don't point and say "That's so lame."
Don't snark in the subway, Darling ...

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