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October 07, 2013


Turkey is set to end a ban on several letters of the alphabet

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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... and here I thought they just couldn't afford the whole alphabet.

So Pat Sajak's Turkish equivalent no longer would say: "It is an illegal letter. Choose another one".

I see the Blog remembers Bubba's last day in office.


This brings to mind the classic Onion headline: "Clinton to Send Vowels to Bosnia."
Is it just me, or does life tend to imitate the Onion more and more every day?

If you break your leg, _here do you go to get that ray that cannot be named?
NO! I won't be afraid any more.
Voldemort. There. I said it.
(V-ray sounds kinda dirty. Like the ability Superman used when he was in town on leave).

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