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September 10, 2013


Japanese prison creates cuddly mascot in attempt to improve facility's image

(Thanks to Carl Youngdahl)


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Hello Kitty Bubba ?

Found with a fork sticking from his chest and the word PIG written on the jailhouse wall in his own his blood, the torture style death of Katakkuri-chan caused widespread suspicision amongst jail officials inmate Charlie Mansonhackichura may have had something to do with it.

How else will they get that valuable repeat customer?


"cuddly prison mascot" sounds like a really unfortunate fate

I think the Cuddly Prison Mascots opened for Milli Vanilli.

Reminds me of an old blue joke, the punchline of which is: "It's not bad, and, by the way, it's your turn in the barrel." Or in the Cute Prison Muffin Suit if you are in Japan.

Is it named Roo Roo?

"Is it named Roo Roo?"

No, it's named Donyu raipmie.

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