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September 24, 2013


But upon close inspection the mysterious creature turned out to be a ground-dwelling cane toad, which somehow had just caught a bat.


(Thanks to Mag Last)


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The bat apparently got away in the end.

Is it London Fashion Week again already?

Bats have tails? Or was he just happy to get eaten?


radar love

Toad of the week? That is the toad of the YEAR at least! Bat-toad is a bat-ass!

Um, um, um um...tasty.

I'm glad the bat got away. I like bats. I like bats a lot.
And I'm not thinking of all the vampires that will be around in about a month.
I like bats and I welcome our new vampire overlords.

O-wee-o o-wee-o ribbit

Oh so that's what he did. He caught a bat. I thought for a minute he was Mighty Bat Toad.

Olaya provided the answer, saying that “out of nowhere the bat just flew directly into the mouth of the toad, which almost seemed to be sitting with its mouth wide open.”

I belive we've seen similar explanations involving gentlemen and their vacuum cleaners

Da na na na na na na na da na na na na na na Bat-toad!

By day he's millionaire playboy Bruce Cane, but when night falls he becomes Bat-Toad, bringing terror to evil-doers in South Florida and in tropical and subtropical climate zones everywhere!

"Like a bat out of Hell I'll be gone when the morning comes..."

They should have had this at the London Fashion Week show.

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