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September 23, 2013


Britney Spears may lip-sync her way through two-year Las Vegas gig

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Anyone surprised??

Dear God ! What next ? .....maybe Millie Cyrus lipsyncing ?

Mylie Spears.....Britney Syrus. D@mn, can't keep em straight.

Mylie Vanilli?

And this will be different, how?

Ah, for those good old Lindsay Lohan days......

Quick! Name a Britney Spears hit.
Thought so.

Britney Smears + Mileys Virus = pap culture

ligirl: *Snork*

You don't say, you don't sing?

But is she going to lipsync to "Copacabana"?

Nothing left to believe in? Do you believe in life after love?

ligirl: double *snork*

Which seems appropriate.

For a poptart story.

P.S. When Elvis went to Viva Las Vegas, he was

1) way fat
2) could still sing
3) DID really sing
4) sweated profusely

So he was a much better value by the pound and in every other way than Britney, even if she can out sweat him.

Hey Hogs, the various Elvis imitators plying their trade on Las Vegas Blvd. are better value than Brit.

The next-best thing to a live performance.

Jeff, DAVE Impersonators would be better value than Brit.

Another excellent reason to skip visits to " Lost Wages"...

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