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September 21, 2013


Authorities say no one was injured after the mayor of Flippin accidentally shot out a window in the police chief's office at City Hall.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Are you telling me that that flippin mayor shot out the flippin window with his flippin gun in Flippin?

I think he has flipped!

There are so many things wrong with this story I hardly know where to begin. First, once the police seized the weapon, they should have first cleared it. There is no excuse for a round to have been in the gun. Second, the mayor had no business handling evidence in a criminal case. Third, there in no excuse for the weapon to discharge, no matter how clumsily it was handled, without the trigger being pulled. That violates the rule NEVER TOUCH THE TRIGGER UNLESS YOU REALLY WANT TO SHOOT.

"It's all been taken care of"
Nothing to see here, move along now!

When we passed the I-75 exit to the town of Flippin (south of Atlanta), I pointed out to my family that this was the Flippin Off Ramp.
For some reason, that was one of my few jokes that my kids have remembered for YEARS.
(The other was when my oldest saw a dolphin in the river in front of the Castillo in St. Augustine. That was obviously her porpoise in life.)

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