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September 13, 2013


Toby Norton whistles Tuesday, Dec. 5, 2000, to slow down a speeding motorist in the school zone on Van Buren Street by Stratton Elementary School. Norton points her orange hair dryer at drivers hoping they’ll think it’s a radar gun.


(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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She should use the device that sounds just like a police siren. Everyone slows way down.

Pity she can't arrest them too...

Middle aged mother in a minivan and a hair dryer. That would slow me down! Sexy!

What the frack? I've seldom seen anyone who needs a slap worse.

i really thought that was ozzy osbourne

Brilliant! I've been wanting to do something like that on my street...especially to the Dominoes Pizza drivers that use my street as a shortcut back to the pizza place.

And get off my lawn! That's where I park the Geezer Bus.

Didn't the police used to do this job ?

Um, 2000?

You do know this is 2013, right?

There used to be an old guy like that in a neighboring town.
He wore a baseball hat that said "GRUMPY" and liked to step in front of moving cars to slow them down.
What a jerk

Well, say what you want about pedophiles but at least THEY slow down in school zones!

These people may be peculiar but they aren't wrong. A kid was killed outside my wife's school years ago because some moron was in a hurry and ran her down in the crosswalk.

Does it fry her brain when she mixes the radar gun up with her hair dryer?

In Flathead County this would be reported as an Alien with an orange ray gun in a spaceship that looks like a red Dodge Caravan.

yay manual tomato -

... - 'whistling loudly for its three-legged dog'

Typical Barry Manilow fan whistling for more.

Jeff, the photo is from 2000, but the post was written yesterday. Bill Vogrin's blogs are like that, he has a long memory.

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