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September 30, 2013


I will never understand how a man thinks.  This shows you how to peel an apple with an electric drill.  They also use a bicycle pump as an apple corer.

-- nursecindy


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This from the woman who ate deep-fried watermelon at the county fair?

... hum ... interesting .... will need to try that for Thanksgiving!


I was going to say something Jeff, but figured I'm not far enough away ...

Guys. Rolls eyes.

Feh. No explosives?

Meanie, that's for apple sauce.

Non-electric versions have been available since at least the 1800's.

Ridiculous. Everybody knows you use a shotgun to core an apple.

Ah, but who holds the apple?

Gotta try it.

Also the William Tell crossbow apple picking method.

Jeff and Kibby F5, I ate one bite of deep fried watermelon. Never again. Blech! I passed on the deep fried pineapple and fried Kool-Aid.

"Ten seconds of fun..."

Ladies, tell me if you haven't heard that one before!

Much like using a chain saw to open a beer...

one three words nursecindy...

Power & i can!

Funny Man you REALLY broke the blog.

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