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September 24, 2013


Penis Shrinkage Through Smoking

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker)


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Talk about quitting cigarettes because you're afraid of your wife...

Wow! I must 've been smoking in my sleep, without knowing.

Barack quit smoking. In an unrelated story, Michelle is a happier woman.

^ 'Barack, QUIT SMOKING!'

On the other hand, those who smoke cigarettes longer have smaller butts.

Honk if you are a woman and The Large Penis On Board has a positive influence on you. Also member of the Auto Club.

I saw the Smoking Penises open for the Pussy Cat Dolls. They did a bang up job.

They need to put this on the warnings on cigarette labels - that should cut down on smoking.

"The Boston University School of Medicine studied 200 erect men."

Must not have been able to find any Neanderthals.

Let's be clear about this. For most men, there is no emotional difference between their penis and their hearts. They are loved equally, but in slightly different ways.

Well if that is true then there is an abundance of small penises because there are a lot of male smokers around here.

Has there been a study to determine whether hickory or mesquite is more effective?

Well, after 45-50 years of a one- to two-pack-a-day habit, let's just say that some of us have an innie.

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