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September 21, 2013


Boozers deface Jimi Hendrix statue, get arrested

(Thanks to B'game)


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Strip them naked and drag them through the city at the heels of a horse. Hanged, drawn and quartered — strangled by hanging but released while they are still alive, castrated, eviscerated with their bowels burnt before them, beheaded, then cut into four parts. Their preserved head (dipped in tar) will be placed on a pike atop the tallest building in the city. Their limbs displayed, separately, in Walmart shopping cart recepticles across town.

Said the uhmmm Joker to the thief.

While painting the statue, when questioned as to what he was doing, one of two men who were later arrested for painting the statue shrugged his shoulders and simply stated, "Excuse me while I dis this guy."

I saw, but have not had the nerve to check out yet, a music CD in our local library on the Island.
It is Jimi Hendrix's Christmas Album.
Gotta get in the mood, first.

Purple justice shall rain down on them.

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