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September 08, 2013


Gov. Rick Snyder to Chinese journalists: Detroit's bankruptcy is a positive

(Thanks to Omnikeptic)


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Well we don't want to miss out on Chinese investment. All of those quality goods

I think he took in a little too much fresh air at the Mackinac Bridge walk on Labor Day.

Positive disaster, maybe

That Packer plant would be a steal!

There's still the Tigers and Redwings.

He was also heard saying: "Just because we filed bankruptcy doesn't mean we wouldn't pay you back!"

Crack? Dave, all the cool kids are doing heroin these days.

"The good part is, if you get a bet down on the Astros and Marlins now you can beat the rush!"

"... that is, it's a positive if you're a lawyer. You guys are lawyers, right?"

His brains are rattled from driving on Michigan roads.
(Anyone who has driven there recently will relate).

Might be. Maybe the Chinese will buy ALL of Detroit and take it with them back home.

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