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September 27, 2013


City officials in San Diego said the annual July 4 marshmallow fight will no longer be allowed in the Ocean Beach neighborhood.

(Thanks to Ralph and The Perts)


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Because, you know, everything got, like, sticky and stuff.

I suggest they toss live hand granades.

Then someone can get upset.

Would the authorities be amenable to more nutritious options... ?

I suspect a situation such as we saw at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon.
A large display of bagged peanuts set under a sign that read, "Please don't feed the squirrels. Wink, wink."
I may have inserted the "Wink, wink" but it was there, nonetheless.

I remember as a kid we all collected nuts and decided to have a "nut fight". We had acorns, hazlenuts, walnuts, etc. I think the fight lasted 1 minute as soon as one of us got bonked in the head and started screaming. It dawned on us that this was really stupid. Fond memories.

U.N. marshmallow inspectors will be needed to verify compliance.

They can have my marshmallows when they pry them from my cold, sticky fingers.

Hunh. I've lived in San Diego for mumblemumble years and I've never heard of the annual Ocean Beach marshmallow fight. I'll have to check in with my OB friends.

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