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September 10, 2013


Soon the winds will blow.

(Thanks to Swest)


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Fall is in the derri-air

Despite the hot hot weather by me today in the 90's a few trees are starting to change color orange and red. I love Fall and the colors it brings

I, too, love Fall.
But after many years of study, I've discovered what comes next.

Not to mention what goeth before it.

That's true Fall marks the end of summer but today you wouldn't think that but I think you just have to grasp every season with the beauty it brings. Winter to me can be nice. It can be so pretty also at times. It can be not so nice but then so can every season. Like today it is so hot and humid I can't stand it that hot.

I had a big display for the beginning of the school years with a map of the world and various world - art prints displayed all around it. I carefully made a title using colorful markers and my best, strong but lively lettering: "WELCOME TO A WORLD OF ART" I spelled it right, but I'm not one to use large space between words.... It was the TEACHERS who started saying "World o Fart." *sigh* And then I couldn't help singing it to the FAO Schwartz song....

We are having late heat. Wait all summer for Labor Day because most yeard that is the end of summer like somebody flipped a switch. 90's in prediction for today. Heat with our humidity is not fun.

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