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September 19, 2013


It began years ago as a stupid little joke, But somehow, incredibly, it has grown into a much larger stupid joke, a phenomenon that has spread around the world, like the Internet, or twerking. It's International Talk Like a Pirate Day, the day when we all going around saying "Arrrr!" and "Me hearties," and then "Arrrr!" again because we don't really know many pirate words. Neither did the pirates. That's why they're all gone.

But you're still here, me hearties. So: Arrrr.


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Avast! Do something to the Mizzen mast. Oh, and ARRRR!

For those who desire a translator although I fear that the primary use will be to translate Holy Grail to pirate.

The link didn't change color for me... but that might just be my computer settings.

In the meantime, a song lyric:
"Feelin's. Nothin' more than feelin's. Tryin' t' forget those feelin's o' love"

'Tis many a month that I've been waitin'. Now we can all raise our flagons and shiver timbers with abandon!

Sociol psychologists remain perplexed over this phenomenon.

So what, I say. To the plank with them bilge rats!

Aaaar me mateys! Let the swashbuckling and pillaging begin!

Avast ye swabbies! No quarter asked or given! Arr arr arr!

Am I done for the day? Because I have a meeting...

Oh I dunno, I think TLaPD isn't quite as stupid as twerking. I mean, as long as you don't do it in public.

I've been waiting for this -- arrrr we really there yet?
Arrrggh! (= even pirates have to poop.)

top 'o the mornin
be heedin this warnin:
i be chantin' a shanty or two
the bugs i be feedin
may keep yer ears bleedin'
i only have aaaayes for you


There once was a pirate named Cindy.
Who sailed the seas quite windy.
She pulled out her sword,
And yelled all mateys aboard.
Now walk the plank or I’ll end ye!


Arrrrr..wish I was as clever as the scourge of the ER

Really Evil.

Avast! Arrrrr!

Truth be told, "R" is'na th' fav'rite letter. Quite fond we arrrrr of't, but even more fond are we of "I". Aye, that'n's a beauty.

I have amassed the wee pirates from their slumber, and theirs rumblings do meet the pirate speak rules. 'Course they do every morn.

Party like it's 1699!

I look forward to my monthly meeting with the other librarians when everything is spoken in Pirate.

I look fore t' me monthly meetin' with t' other librarians when everythin' be spoken in Pirate

"Yes, this is your Banker. We have some good investments you need to look at."
The language of a true, modern pirate.

Arrgh! Here's hoping your timber be limber.

errrrr ... nope, not right ... rerrr ... nope


Arrrrrrrgh, me timbers be shiverin'

It even be celebrated on PlayStation Home Europe.

Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirate's day for ye!

Silver's the name, Long John Silver they calls me. At your service, sir.

Yarrrr. Thank ye, Dave.

Is it ok to text like a pirate or do we do that on a different day?

Bring out the grog! Arrrr!

Have Cutlass, will travel. Expenses including chainshot, barshot, grapeshot, and artificial limbs are extra.

Weingarten and Barney & Clyde recognize the day.

Arrrrr! These scurvy termites be gnawin' me leg off, 'n' the rum just gets 'em hungrier.

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