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August 25, 2013


One million cockroaches escape Chinese farm

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson and Joe in Japan)


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"...an "unknown perpetrator" destroyed the plastic greenhouse where they were raised..."

You KNOW the red squirrels were behind this.....

Coming soon to SyFy...

I saw One Million Cockroaches open for Adam Ant.

Don't worry - they were all branded with real small branding irons for easy identification.

The Cockroaches Fled opened for the Beatles at the Orkin Dome during the latter group's first Asian tour. Contrary to popular belief, Yoko Ono was not a founding member the fleeing Cockroaches Fled freaking entourage.

Wasn't One Million Cockroaches a Frank Zappa album?

In high school someone, who I may or may not know depending on the statute of limitations, released a few thousand crickets into the hvac system.

Boring... unless one tried to jump a barbed wire fence on a motorcycle.

I feel bad for the guy. It can't be easy raising 1 million cockroaches. I mean, that is, literally, a ton and a half of creepy crawly cockroaches (approx 3300 lbs of bugs).

Just in case you don't want to sleep, this is also enough cockroaches to cover 7,000 sq. feet, or to fill my house 3 roaches high every horizontal surface.

Omni, I think it was Captain Beefheart's final album.

Who counted them?

"Disease control authorities have sent five investigators to the area to come up with a plan to stamp out the insects."

Sounds like there's gonna be ten really messy shoes.

As always, Meanie, you got there before me.


Don't bogart that roach....

Don't worry guys. They didn't escape.
Somebody just turned on the light.

"Biscuit eating cockroaches," explains a lot about McDonald's.

...what gets me is the unwritten assumption implying that somewhere out in 'nightmare-land' there is a warehouse that *could* supply the man that many eggs in the first place.

Yuan some and you lose some.

Imagine the poor guy that destroyed the plastic greenhouse. He probably thought he was just going to steal some begonias for his mother. Easy pickings. The destruction came from him trying to get the roaches off him as he fled in terror.

Saddle the horses, boys. We need to go round up the herd.

One million cockroaches crawling up the wall,
One million cockroaches there.
Knock one down,
Stomp it into the ground ...

Note to self: avoid traditional chinese medicine.

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