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August 03, 2013


Boise man accused of having sex with cat

(Thanks to Craig Roberts)


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I hope his next partner is a mountain lion with a bad headache.

cats have claws. just sayin.

How about a jury of baboons?

Ya know these people using animals no wonder someone decided to build mannequins for sexual use. These people couldn't afford $7000 for one or they would just get a hooker instead.

"911. What is your emergency?"

"Meow. Meowr. Meow. Rrowl!"

"We'll send a car right over."

The cat finally found his tongue.

No pussycat jokes?

Another article listed on that web page claims that Boise is the 7th safest city in the US.

Apparently this is not the case if you are a cat.

Didn't Tom Jones sing about this?...

I couldn't help noticing abanner ad at the side of the page advertising volunteer opportunities to work with sharks... A coincidence you say? I think not.

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