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August 03, 2013


Now: Baboons.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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And now for something completely different: baboons climbing a building.

We've done that!

I saw The Kleptomaniac Monkeys open for Herman's Hermits.

oh, i thought they would be sent to washington...oh, never mind. alreaddy have enuf babboons.

At least they don't distribute pamphlets.

Not funny -- have you seen the teeth on those things? They need a tagging and relocation like CO uses for dumpster-diving bears.

And I thought palmetto bugs were the worst!

I assume they all have Florida drivers licenses?


WHEW! I thought it was a picture of Manilow.

@coscolo - Are refering to the baboons or the DC politicians?

Is there a difference?

Hell, they're not all in DC, markh. Look at "Filthy Filner" in San Diego.

I thought one of them looked like the head of IRS.

I would debaboonify them with an uzi. One jumped on my wife's shoulder in K.L. 30 years ago. I bear a grudge. And an uzi.

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