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August 25, 2013



(Thanks to funny man)


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Hey, kelp is supposed to be good for you. I just wonder how they add the Yang. Don't suppose they mean
Tang, do ya?

As long as it's not guinea pig on a stick I'll try it... no, I guess I won't.

It was a dark night in London's crumbling dock yards. Fog swirled around bollards, mizzens, and gang planks. In fact, a gang was busy, replacing some of the planks. Stumping along with many a painful goddam (copyright James Thurber) came an old seaman, wrinkled, disheveled, and wang-seasoned, he ...

Probably pairs nicely with a fine can of kraut juice. Maybe also a little potted meat food product on the side.

Wang is apparently the Korean company. The product is seasoned seaweed. No Wangs were harmed in making it.


[Sorry, but I lack the computer savvy to make links in this blog format.]

The new chairman of the Oregon GOP wants to sprinkle radioactive waste from airplanes to build up our resistance to degenerative diseases.

No, really.

As His Daveness would say, IAMNTU.


Rabbit season.
Duck season.
Rabbit season!
Duck. Season.
Rabbit season!!!
Wang season.


Isn't that kind of redundant?

Well, Ivory Bill, I'd guess the gentleman has exceeded the hormetically correct level.

The best answer to proposals like that is simply "You first."

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