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August 13, 2013


Today is our day.

(Thanks to Bob "Lefty" Brogan, who says, "Did you ever notice that lefties always know the handedness of others while righties could care less?")


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Bob, you mean we couldn't care less, right?

True that. (But don't tell my wife, who is a lefty.)

Yea, but is it Lefthanded day in the US? Or just the UK. I ask because in the offhand chance, in a lefthanded way that it isn't.

So you finally got it right?

I bat left and right. When's my 'Day'?

Our beloved old Shepherd was left-pawed, as far as we could tell.

Could NOT care less. NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT.

*tears out hair with left hand*

I've always found that screaming, "mutant!" at left-handed people to be most exciting. Especially at my left-handed father. The ensuing chases were fun.

I am primarily left handed but can do lots of things with both hands


You must be amphibious.

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