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August 23, 2013


The Phillies And Eagles Had A ‘Blue Chest Of Pornography’ Stored In Veterans Stadium

(Thanks to Horace LaBadie)


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I thought Chesty La Rue was known as the Blue Chest of Pornography.

Football sounds kinda kinky anyway.

Comes standard with every sports team.

The comment from a former bat boy is worth noting

I suspect the "reading material" was all Playboys and the guys had them just to read the articles. That is a plausible theory.

"Pirates of the Caribbean XII: Blue Chest of Pornography"

That explains why their bats were always so well-polished.

I have no objection to porn.
'les it's that scratch 'n sniff stuff.

Oh, the Phillies and the Eagles
Are now pursued by beagles.
A chest o' smut's illegal
As reported in Der Speigel.

Hey, at least I've gotten past the beaver theme.

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