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August 20, 2013


Jimmy Choo to open first Florida outlet store at Sawgrass Mills this fall


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Jimmy Choo's line has been around since the 60's when He coined the phrase, "Man who stand on toilet is high on pot".

Never heard of Jimmy Choo shoes. Oh boy.

Jimmy who shoes?

Sounds like a very expensive fad to me!

A Jimmy Choo outlet! Theresa, these shoes start around $600.00 and you have to get them re-soled before you can walk in them. I've also heard they're very uncomfortable. I want some!

(cue the music) There's no business like shoe business....

If you do go to Sawgrass Mills, cindy, make sure to pack a lunch and a compass. That place is freakin' huge.

Oh, joy. Sex in the Sawgrass.

He should do a shoe shaped like a locomotive.

A Choo-choo Choo Shoe.

If you come ... To Sawgrass Mills
Be sure to wear ... Some Blahniks on your feet.

*throws Omni the peace sign*

Me too Cindy. They hurt so beautifully. I just carry mine around as though I just took them off.

You notice how careful the boy bloggers are being about making certain comments about us and our shoes!

Sounds like that mall will soon be overrun with Harbor Freight,Wally World, and 42 cell phone shops and nail salons. Oh yes, don't forget the Fast Cash store.

MikeyVa I think our blog guys are learning . It's about time too.

"Jimmy Choo, man!"

"Hey, Chimmy chourself, Dawg."

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