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July 06, 2013


Angry Mother of Twins Throws Flaming Diapers at Late Night Firework Shooters

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who notes that Flaming Diapers WBAGNFARB)

Update: This did not actually happen.


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Run away! Run away!


As of this morning several bottles of wine, fresh fruit, and pastries have been set outside Orsborn’s house. Neighbors additionally tell us the men in question have spent much of the morning quietly washing Orsborn’s car, weeding her flowers beds, and pruning her rose bushes while their wives and girlfriends watch from across the street.


Yeah, I just saw that, too, Slacker. Damn.

It's still funny. Good satire has to be at least slightly believable.

Jeff! I saw flaming diapers open for turds of misery.

What an effluent concert that was!!

If it is "Arkansas's second least reliable news source" what's #1? The Walmart Gazette?

I thought Flaming Diapers always opened for the BH Surfers?

Any two words in that headline would be a GNFARB.

Awww.... I REALLY wanted that to be real...


Take heart. In a parallel universe, it has happened. Or will happen. Or in Flathead county, anyway.

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