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July 27, 2013


Shuffle with DJ Dave Barry


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I wasn't interested until...barrio boogaloo.

Same here Duncan.

loks like johnny carson and james brown.

I wonder if he'll play any Manilow.

(I did not provide any portraits for this comment.)

queensbee took the thought right out of my head

I don't like the shuffle. I'll wait until I can do the Freddy with DJ Dave Barry. Now, where's that bus parked?

You ain't heard nothing until he plays Danny Boy by the Funkadelics.

Ya got ta booger!

the image i cant get out of my head is a line dance of alter kakkers doing the freddy.
okok, i'm gettin on the bus.

"...good time music aimed at the feet ..."

As distinct from Southeastern Michigan's native musical style, best described as bad time music, aimed at center of mass.

River Soul Dance Train.

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