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July 02, 2013


'Flordia' misspelling makes it to Interstate 95 sign

(Thanks to Ron G. and Chuck Cody)


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Morons. Everyone knows it's Floridia.

Major Misspelling and I were in the Hussars at Tel-el-Kebir. Went through the Pasha's men like butter, but then a camel bit him, poor fellow. Right on the toe. You can imagine what we called him, after that.

We were at the KY State Fair and saw a booth selling sports-related clothing like hats, cheap.
One had "Flordia" on the panel.

Used to transcribe medical stuff. Try typing "pancreas" without an e on the end when a smart-a** doctor says "pan-crease."

If I remember correctly, Romney's campaign managed to misspell "America". So, arguably, this is only 1/50th as embarrassing.

They probably have in-surance for that.

Don't the Natinals have there spring training in Flordia?

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