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July 20, 2013


It's sophisticated.



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Gift shop trinkets huh? Oh okay

So, they sell them one at a time. Not very optimistic for one's chances.

Perhaps the shopkeeper is an anti-monarchist, making a subtle hint?

It is the land of Shakespeare. Aye, there's the rubber.

The British are coming! The British are coming!

No London towers?

What about:

Big Ben


It has been awhile, but 6 for 5 quid seems like a bit of price gouging, even allowing for inflation.

*Snork* @ Hammond Rye. I will never look at Big Ben the same way again.

During one of my very first computer science courses, many, many moons ago, the new instructor was very, very British. His introductory lesson was classic:

"To be a computer science major, you need a pad of paper, a really good pencil, and a larger rubber."

He meant eraser.

To paraphrase Steve Martin: Those silly English, they have a word for everything!

I can't comdome it.

Le Tower.

NMUA, you inflate them?

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