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July 20, 2013


The cuisine.


Also, the historical sites.

Ministry (1)


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Has the future Duke of Nothington made any move closer to the Crown worthy of update?

If you see George, tell him I'm in love with his wife.

Just what is in those specialty sausages?

I'll just have a salad.

Is that just down the street from the Ministry of Silly Walks?

IF the sausages are made from the parson's nose, I will pass.

FYI: Ministry of Waxing.

Well, what is it... sausages or bangers ? Why can't they make up their minds ?

I just saw their menu offers a "Boyzilian" wax.

Um, no thanks. I'm fine.

Jeff, I looked up parson's nose too and I would definitely pass on that. I've traveled all over Asia, and have seen some pretty strange foods, but if I ever get lucky enough to go to Europe this picky eater is definitely going to make sure there's a McDonald's close by.

If I was naughty my Mum used to threaten to give me nothing but the parson's nose for Sunday dinner. She wasn't joking either.

Thanks Jeff, I just wasted 30+ minutes on the Ministry of Waxing website. What are those monkey's doing?

monkeys. Sorry, I really didn't mean to put that apostrophe there. And I can't even blame it on a slip of a finger.

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