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July 10, 2013


Why are testicles kept in a vulnerable dangling sac?

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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Because we ladies are usually a little shorter than men and our kicking aim leaves a lot to be desired? Apologies to the blog guys.

This article is way too long and complicated for me. I just assume it's like your camping food: you hang it in a sack so the bears can't get at it.

If I had a dollar for every hour I'd contemplated that question...um, what was it again?

What Betsy said. Call me back if you ever get to the freaking point.

Because God knew that someday there would be home videos everywhere that would need subject matter.

Two words: Easier scratching!

Just think of it as a sweaty pinata.

I saw "Ascrotal Cousins" open for Justin Bieber...

My ex-wife's suggestion about a locked box on her desk did not appeal to me.

Wasn't Vulnerable Sacs a pianist?

On large bison like creatures you might find
..........yakkity sacs?

In Japan San: ouch. (But snork, regardless.)

That's why God made cement jock straps.

Because they won't fit in a wallet?

Axiom #1: Men take pride in accomplishments, even accomplishments that they had nothing to do with.

Axiom #2: Men like to deal in plain facts. If you can't see it, it don't exist.

Combine the two axioms and you have your reason. "I got bigger ones than you."

Design flaw.

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