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July 01, 2013


Mexican amusement park simulates illegal border crossing

(Thanks to Omniskeptic)


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If they make it across they are rewarded with a 15-year-old Toyota and a job washing dishes? That might be more discouraging than the dog-barking recordings.

Should I bring my American passport with me if I travel to Arizona, or just flee if the police get near me?

Can you imagine if Great America or some other US amusement park did this ? Ohhhhhh Boyyyyyyy !

Yay! We're a laughingstock!

Welcome to America!
Here's your leafblower

Para leer esta página en español, pulse uno.


They won't understand you:

Bienvenido a América! Aquí está su soplador de hojas.

Sounds like more fun than that trip to Universal Orlando.
And less painful than a 90 minute line in the sun for a five-minute ride.
Yes, I'm old.
Get off my lawn.

Sure, they SAY it's meant to discourage illegal immigration. Among the locals, it's called training.


I wish they would put some of that energy and skill into improving their own country so ours wouldn't be so inviting. What do we have that they couldn't produce, really?

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