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July 25, 2013



(Thanks to wiredog)

Notice that Hialeah comes in third. Hialeah, basically, is also Miami.


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DC is 15th on the list! We're so far down because we're so honest.

Gonna have to elevate our game here in NJ. I don't quite get it, though. Those aren't exactly elegantly stuck out pinkies I'm seeing on the hand that is not on the wheel.

When you use a category like "pedestrian strikes" you're getting into video game territory. That said, congratulations Miami. You richly deserve it.

Meanie -- you sent all your NJ drivers to Tampa Bay, which is why we're 4th.

I believe they have misunderstood the common complaint about Boston - it's not drivers in Boston, it's the fact that if you're not from Boston, it's impossible to drive to get anywhere there thanks to no street signs for the street you're on and spaghetti-like street layouts.

Yes, but which city has the worst mass transit drivers? That has to be San Francisco. I swear a week doesn't go by that SF Muni hasn't hit a pedestrian or bicyclist, rear-ended a vehicle or (and this takes practice) rear-ended each other.

I live in Tampa and I can see how we came in 4th. But I have been traveling by auto all over the eastern states the last few weeks and let me say, I have seen my fair of idiots driving in every state I have been in.

The only reason D.C. is not worst is that in order to drive badly in traffic, the traffic has to move.

The only answer is driverless cars. Yeah... that's it.

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