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July 12, 2013


A Florida man has been charged with reckless driving after driving nearly a mile on the W&OD trail in Arlington yesterday.

(Thanks to Ryan Young)


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I ride on that trail frequently. I've ridden on that part of it dozens of times. How does any sober person, even a Floridian, mistake that for a road?

I use to live near there too. I'm wondering if he even bothered to look up from his GPS.


wiredog, as Dave pointed out in Florida driving on bike trails is perfectly acceptable.

Or perhaps he is a moron.

For those of us not from Arlington, what does W&OD stand for? On second thought, it would be more fun to come up with our own guesses.

Weapons & Overdoses? That's what bike trails are for in my area.

Train line, Washington And Old Dominion (Virginia). Not a train line anymore as some have pointed out, a bike trail. And I've driven in Boston which has narrower roads, so I can understand the confusion.

Google's Street View car has made its way down some streets in Philadelphia that look narrower than that trail.

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