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July 26, 2013


Practical joke involving fart spray and rabbit repellent at Bible camp sends six teenagers to hospital

(Thanks to Ryan Young and Unholy Slacker)


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Sorry, you lost me at rabbit repellant. I've spent a fair amount of time around rabbits and never even considered wearing rabbit repellent - they are not dangerous like sharks and nowhere near as annoying as mosquitoes. Parents these days should learn to let go and allow their brats to play with bunnies instead of slathering them in rabbit repellant.

Wasn't "Fart Spray and Rabbit Repellent" part of the Rock Bottom Remainders' repertoire?

Ah, some things never change.
I went to camp at least 3 Summers when I was a kid. I didn't realize until years later that these were supposed to be religious "Bible" camps.
I didn't notice anyone being overly holy. And we did our fart jokes with the genuine article.

So people are fearful of a horrid pointy toothed death?

Hey Max, tell that to Jimma Carter!

Rabbits are not Kosher, but why do you have to keep them away from bibles? They already know about the "be fruitful and multiply" verse.

Camp Woe-Me-To?

I think I spent a day there once, but it felt like a reek.


The worst thing I ever did at church camp was sidle up to the prettiest girls during singing so I could put my arm around them when we sang 'Cum Ba Yah'. Actually, I fell in love every year for three years in a row at church camp.

...sprayed a product called Liquid Ass ... into the air conditioning units of two cabins."

I went to Girl Scout camp for at least 10 years and I could prank with the best of 'em. One thing we never had was air conditioned cabins. We had tents on wooden platforms with 6 to a tent and canvas sides that we rolled down when it rained.

I suppose these brats also had electricity and WiFi. Now THAT's camping!

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