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July 17, 2013


...do not click here.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, DaninTustin, Peter Metrinko, Janice Gelb and Ralph)


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Tell me the New World Army Screw Fly is not Kim Jong-Un's latest weapon.

Didn't Flesh-Eatting Maggots open for Ozzy?

Actually, they opened for Slipknot. (Google it).


well, that's the last time I ignore advice about clicking a link

- so now that they're out are they playing Pinochle on her snout ?

Had Peru been on my bucket list, it would now not be.

I'm guessing her boyfriend used the old "I just have to run faster than you" teachnique to avoid the maggots.

I had a honeybee crawl down into my left ear canal once.
She looked around, shouted to see if there were an echo, and crawled back out.
I did learn a lesson in restraint.

In this country, she'd be at least $100,000 poorer by the time the doctors were finished with her.

When Dave says not to click on a link, I don't. HOWEVER, Jeff Meyerson sent this to me a few days ago and there was no warning. All I can say is it's a darn good thing I wasn't her nurse because I probably would have killed somebody while trying to run away. Yuck!

The sounds in MY head tell me to stay the hell out of Peru.

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