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July 12, 2013


Charlie Sheen flies in to Scotland on Loch Ness Monster hunt

(Thanks to Chuck Cody)


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Charlie Sheen arrested in Scotland. Sources say Sheen beat a number of scottish call girls before tossing them in the lake to help with the search for the monster while chanting 'winning' over and over. Sheen will make a comment later today when He sobers up enough to be understood.

Sources also reveal Martin Sheen has ressurrected Betty Ford in an effort to find the monster.

and i should care about this idiot because................?

And he was soon bombarded with messages from fans all over the world wishing him the best of luck with the mission.
Charlie Sheen still has fans?

So he went to the Fairy land Castle huh? He should hold a mystery dinner party in the castle where he turns into the Loch Ness Monster himself. That's a devilish picture of Charlie.

He should have taken his friend, Lindsay Lohan, to use as bait.

Charlie Sheen has fans? They must be the brain injured.

Charlie Sheen: "That's enough scotch for the moment. Let me search for Nessie now. Maybe she's hidden under this girl's skirt..."

Sean Connery: "I'll be kicking your arse now, laddie"

I'm sure the fact that Loch Ness is in the heart of whiskey distillery country had no influence on Charlie's decision.

If they keep him, we won't mind.

A creature described as primitive, aggressive, unpleasant to look at, and with a unique combination of chemicals in its bloodstream is being reported by local authorities in Scotland. According to police, a Mr. L. N. Monster of Inverfarigaig, in the Highlands Council, contacted them to report the creature which, he said, "Scared me right out of me loch, he did. Right terrifyin' it was."

Can we hope he will be water skiing to serve as bait?

I like the synopsis of his "career/life" at the end, starting with "...no stranger to off-the-wall ideas."

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