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July 23, 2013


“During a field interview Mrs. Ramey openly admitted to shooting her rifle towards the vehicle because she has had a continuous problem with people tearing up her driveway,” Allen told the Times-News.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson, who says, "Don't even think of setting foot on her lawn.")


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Convert. Or else. And/or while you are at it stop with the talent crap or I will kill you.

I don't always put my car into reverse. But when I do, it's nowhere near Margie Ramey's driveway.

string her up.

Looked upon as child's play in Chicago.

nursecindy says that people with dementia often get paranoid. Time to take away the firearms. (Mrs. R's firearms, that is, not nursecindy's.)

What? You mean you can't shoot at people who get on your lawn?

Not that I would ever do thatso stay off of my lawn!

Let's see:

Tennessee + Mountains + Logging Road + Dirt Driveway = People With Shotguns

I would have thought people from Virginia whose children say, "Does she got a gun?", ought to know that equation by heart.

Time to buy a Garmin.

Mikey, I think you broke the blog. Everything's crossed out now.





'round these parts wes got troubles wit peoples tearin' up the blog'

*gets MikeyVA in crosshairs.....*

Hopefully she will be on probation which would make owning a firearm illegal. I hope some social services get aimed her way.

Spare the 000 buckshot and spoil the child.

Jeff you'll get my firearms when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers. Actually I don't have any firearms but you know what I'm saying. Some people with Alzheimer's do get mean. Sometimes it's due to the disease other times they've always been mean but they've lost their inhibitions. It's a horrible disease.

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