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July 10, 2013


The July 17 season premiere of TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” will be aided (and abetted?) by what the network is calling “Watch ’n Sniff” — in which viewers will be able to experience the Georgia-based Thompson clan in all its olfactory glory.

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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Television has reached new heights.

please. shoot them now.

On a scale from The-Phukhet-Chicken-Shack-formerly-known-as-Hitler to TLC headquarters, where would you place this on the "Asking for a drone strike" continuum? You have thirty minutes; show your work.

This "event" is totally unnecessary, as this show has stunk for the past two years!


I'd say to OBL on them, right now.

I've been in Georgia during a summer heat wave and trust me, you don't want to smell anyone.

If I stay more than a nanosecond on that channel during that program, will someone please shoot me?

Thank you.

9.9999 repeating Omni. I would show my work but the margin of this blog is too small...

This should fall under "The END is NEAR" category that occasionally shows up.

when i was little, a 'boo-boo' was a mistake

jes sayin

Anybody remember when TLC stood for The Learning Channel and showed quasi-interesting documentary stuff kind of like Nova or National Geographic?

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