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July 20, 2013


China deploys elite gaggle of geese police

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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New York does the same thing only we call them pit bulls.

They could try guinea fowl as well. They will raise an unholy racket if anyone comes around at night.

Well, Detroit's tried everything else, guess we could give this a shot.

Geese are often used as guard animals. A small flock is not expensive to buy or maintain, although there may be zoning issues in some places. They aggressively defend their territory, make loud noise when disturbed, and can inflict a painful bite.

The Geese Police never sleep.

The problem with geese is that they aren't housebroken and poop everywhere. Then you need a dog to herd the geese, and a handler for the dog. It becomes the proverbial Chinese Fire Drill.

So, now we have Geese Police. Can the Federal Ducks be far behind?

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