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July 18, 2013


Texas town changing nudity laws to make body paint unacceptable after waitresses served customers topless

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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I was with them until they called it art. It's called naked women get more business and tips. Nothing artistic about it.

'do you want flies with that'?

Elon, it depends on the woman.

Anyway, isn't there a rule against ex post facto laws? Rick Perry has a lot to answer for.

Topless what?

I totally agree. Waitresses should always wear hats. Hats were created for a reason. Is there no civility left in this country? There is nothing worse than a topless waitress and I think it's just a crying shame that these women think they are above wearing hats. I'm

Oh, that's different.

STJ-channeling Emily LaTella?

If I were within driving range of this establishment, I'd go there just to show support. And, maybe, look a little. No! Just show support.
There are people in this country that are absolutely terrified that somebody else, anybody else might be enjoying life.
And Miss Catherine sounds like one.

A noble idea, Steve, as their "girls" have no support whatsoever.

Steve, I'm pretty sure providing support to the waitresses will get you kicked out as well as getting paint all over your hands.

Tart imitates life.

Jeff, it's not ex post facto unless they were charged for violating the law from the occasions before it was passed. You can certainly outlaw currently allowed practice.

Whatever became of the custom of walking out of a place if you don't like it?

Tell me Eve with the apple and snake isn't artistic. Don't think that's her "original" apple, tho.

We the Body Painters of the United States, in Order to form a more colorful, revealing body, establish Justice, insure domestic nudity, provide for the common defence, promote the general exhibition, and secure the Blessings of body painted nipples to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Colorful Constitution for the United States of America

Body Painters!! There are so many careers I had no idea existed. Why didn't my so-called "career counselor" in high school give me these options?

Sherwin Williams covers the girth.

Note to ELon: I know. It was a joke.

They weren’t for all intensive purposes

The phrase is, "for all intents and purposes. Is our journalists learning?

I guess in TX a paint job requires 2 coats.

Hmmm. I'm considering buying real estate just outside of Lewisville, as things (and seated customers) are looking up there.

For the record, the complainer never went in the place, the gals were out in the parking lot, so they were kinda pushing it, dontcha think?

Don't worry, Dave, the govt is way ahead of you.

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