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July 15, 2013


Synthetic yeast could make beer cheaper and stronger

(Thanks to Ron G.)


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I wouldn't recommend anyone to drink beer with synthetic yeast in it. It's gotta be harmful to heath

Yeah, someone might come down with a synthetic yeast infection.

(Sorry, that joke was the yeast I could do...)

I've never thought of yeast as being one of your big ticket items. I often bake my own bread and I've never had any problems with the cost of the yeast. You learn something new everyday. btw, have any of you tried the new Miller 64 calorie beer? If so, was it good?

NC ~ Apparently the cost of it is the yeast of their problems.


"However, the scientists insist that they are able to design in fail-safes that will prevent anything from surviving in the wild...."

What could possibly go worng?

I'm thinking SyFy picture-of-the-week here.

Alcohol is basically yeast pee.

Oh, no! It's Yeastnado! The Andromeda Strain! Saccharomyces ohmygod!

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