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July 07, 2013


Ibiza firemen free tourist trapped in sex toy

Key excerpt:

There were "plenty of sparks" during the operation to remove the sex toy which measured 15cm in diameter.

The two-hour procedure was described as "very complex" because the man became "more swollen" with time.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, Ken Fineberg and Jeff Meyerson)


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Bwaaahaaaah.thats all. Is there some way to keep dumbasses from breeding???

No way I'm clicking on that link.

There is not enough WD-40 in the WORLD...

And ya'all missed this: "He was also said to have complained a lot." LOL I would have thought he'd be too embarrassed to speak, ever.

Maybe different users get different ads with this story; I got a nice picture of a guy using an old-fashioned hand plane to shave down some wood. Coincidence? I think not.

Most men become less swollen with time. I guess he liked all the attention...and sparks.

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