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July 09, 2013


"McDiving is the new sport of today. It's very simple: You visit a McDonalds and dive over the counter."

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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McDivers were around back when there was over 1 million served. That was way before anyone had a plastic clown set up to take your order. Curb service had it's share of Mcdiving going on in back in mid last century, but who knew it would evolve into what the class act it has become today.

My take away (so to speak) from this is:

McDonald's has bouncers?

Who knew? In New York, McDonald's does have doormen...well, guys who open the door for you in hopes of extorting a "tip" for their efforts.

Do NOT select the counter closest to the deep fryer.

McStupid! At the McDs where I worked we had homeless that McDumpster Dived to get discarded food items. At least that had a purpose.

This is all an attempt to get extra condiment packs.

Sounds like some people need their McAsses McBeaten

Can't you go to McJail for that?

How to make the trip to McDonald's even more hazardous to your health.

It oughta be a crime to sell mocha frappes with all those calories. They tend to add to the McThighs, and I don't mean the chicken's.


When I lived in San Diego 13-14 years ago, the McDonalds near Horton Plaza had a part-time "doorman" of sorts. The wino was a good-natured fellow, and had managed to scrounge up a jacket and what looked like a bellman's cap. He wasn't pushy or aggressive, so management left him alone.

The "unauthorized parking attendants" were sometimes rude, though. When the Gaslamp Quarter was revamped, old buildings that were not refurbished were often torn down and turned into parking lots, but they charged as much as $8 or $9 an hour (some were $6, but with a 2-hour minimum), and on-street parking was scarce (parking meters were turned off after 6:00 pm). So people would drive all over the place looking for a open space and local homeless guys would wave down drivers whenever a space opened up - expected a tip, of course.

Next up: Myocardial Mcfarctions.

We have guys here in North Carolina that open the doors too, Jeff and Spiny Norman. I call them Southern Gentlemen. No tip expected.

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