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July 24, 2013


A poll from the Global Post:



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Y'all haven't seen people melting down on Twitter because they find it offensive that the kid is being called a boy, therefore retarding his own choice in gender identity?

i read on a blog someplace that was taking baby name suggestions, most of which were boring, except for rumplestiltskin. that would be interesting, eh?

The results.

Nonhumorous explanation:

1. Some people identify as both or neither gender. No reason the royal brat couldn't be one of 'em.

2. Some people were rooting for both (royal twins) or neither (who cares what a pair of rich Brit twits have?).

I have always loved, but reluctantly gravitated to Tony Bennet's classic. "I Left My Neither In San Francisco".

Entering data on NYS website my choices for gender are: Female, Male, Hermaphrodite, Transexual, Other or Unknown.

With Brits, you can never be sure, can you?

Hey they didn't put in Klingon!

Where's "All of the above"?

George Alexander Louis.

wiredog, that would be Richard Simmons.

i so wanted rumplestiltskin.

Elvis Rumplestiltskin -- it has a nice ring!

Leopold Beavertail Nugent the Third.

I guessed George. But I was hoping for Roscoe Giuseppe Balzac. Maybe next time.

Raymond Luxury-Yacht, pronounced Throatwarbler Mangrove.

You're a very silly person, and I'm going to interview you.

Given the child's future employment prospects, I would have named him Kong. Or Of-the-Road.

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