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July 22, 2013


There is nothing new to report on the Royal Baby at this time, that this blog is aware of.

We now return you to your insignificant and hideously boring life.


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This probably not the time to try a baby joke. However, you might not have heard about the married couple who rushed to the hospital because the woman was in labor. The doctor asked the couple, "I have invented a new machine that you might want to try, it takes some of the labor pains away from the mother and gives it to the father." So the married couple decided that they would try this. So the doctor hooked the machine up and put it on 10% of pain switched from the mother to the father, and the husband said "I feel okay; turn it up a lot more." So the doctor turned it up to 50%, and the husband said "why don’t you just put it all on me cause I’m not feeling a thing", but the doctor warned them "this much could kill you if your not prepared", and the husband replied "I am ready "so the doctor turned the machine up to 100% but the husband didn’t feel a thing, so they went home happy with a pain free labor, but when they got home, the mailman was dead on the front porch!

One would imagine that the Royal Diaper Genie has been readied.

Didn't we fight a war with Britain so that we wouldn't have to pay attention to the damn monarchy? Enough with those twits!

will there be pictures of the royal crowning ?

Matt Drudge: "Baby will be 3rd in line for throne..."

Reminds me of college.

not even born yet, but all ready a royal pain in the @ss

You're absolutely right stever. btw, BBC America has the best coverage if you're into this sort of thing. A friend told me.

Kate's in Labour? What do the Tories think of this?

Ha! I never paused my insignificant and hideously boring life! So there!


PUSH PUSH PUSH that water melon!

You're doing well!

Stever, you're confused. We WON that war. We got the right to not have the Royalty tell us what to do but we didn't have to give up the right to follow Royal families. It is a strongly ingrained part of human nature to be obsessed with Royalty. That's why after the Glorious Revolution (the English one not the US one) things were so bad the English went to their neighbors, the Dutch, and said "we're sorry but we've run out of kings, can we borrow some from you?" And when the Dutch played a joke on them and gave them a pair or oranges, the English were so desperate that they went so far as to make the oranges King & Queen (William the Orange and Mary the Orange), just so they could get their royalty watching fix.

In Britain they have the Royal Baby, but in France it's the Baby Royale with Cheese

max - precisely. The exiled Jacobites told the rebellious citizenry to "get a pair", and unfortunately for the Stuarts, they did.

Nice try Max, but I'm not buying. Off with their heads!

max, my Scott friend said to remind you, England already had a perfectly good, human, king at the time.

i would like them to wait until tomorrow (their time of course) so the new little royal doofus can be born on MY BIRThDAY!!
its already, what 6-7 pm across the pond?? hang on there duchezz.

Let's see. Official British Royalty Check-List:

Red Hair. Check.

Horseface. Check. (Unless it looks like Kate)

Bad Teeth. Check. (British, this is a given...)

Pre-approved to fly copters in the RAF. Check. (Another given...)

All systems prepare for delivery!

alert alert omg alert - it's a boy

What Steve said. But is it Prince Dave or perhaps Prince Jack? As long as it isn't Prince Edgar or Prince Morris.


I'm hoping it'll be Prince Spaghetti.

Note: reporters are now wetting themselves in front of Buckingham Palace - "We've found two very excited Indiana University students...".

Online one of these Sites For Idiots called this "The most anticipated baby of our generation (or perhaps ever)" which is so stunning in its superficiality and, yes, stupidity that I will let the statement stand by itself.

Can we get back to the important doings of Floridians and Flathead County-ers now?

It's a boy!

Habemas baby. Bfd

It's a big boy! 8 lbs 6 oz.

The ears are 8 lbs 6 oz.


Jimmy II got married in a secret wedding instead of a huge gala with 535 bridesmaids and a battalion of groomsmen the way royals are supposed to get married. Never mind the fact that he got a commoner pregnant and then married her, as if that was any way for a member of a royal family to behave. Jimmy II didn't even have the decency to throw drunken debauches for his cronies. The Jacobites have to learn to accept that Jimmy II didn't act royal enough to satisfy the royal watching urges of the people, and that's why they had the Glorious Revolution and put a pair of oranges on the throne.

SNORK @ queensbee. Well said.

Demned, Foiled again. - Blackadder

Got a funny email about a three-year old holding a light for her mother's delivery of a baby boy in a power outage. When it was over, paramedic asked her what she thought about it.

She said "He shouldn't have crawled in there to begin with. Smack him on the rear again."

So they're going with Prince Baby Boy? Not bad, but I was pulling for Prince Euclid.

Since the British Royals all like to have 4 or 5 (or more!) names, I nominate "John Paul George Ringo".

The baby formerly not known as Prince.

No Nursecindy, .6 stone. I guess he's just a pebble.

1 stone = 14 pounds.

Ah, the happiest day in a new father's life: the day his wife lets him call a babysitter.

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