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July 11, 2013


The Daily News is on the story.

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hey, we got your art project right here.

Sorry, m'am, you'll have to come downtown. The shirt thing is legal, but your name is offensive to Native Americans. Somebody might name a football team after you.

Another candidate for Mayor.

*snork!* @Gigohead comment:
'Seeing these pictures reminded me of the Seinfeld girl who looked good in certain lighting then would look really, really bad in others. Word of advice to this gal. Straight into the camera shots do not work for you honey.'

- but i don't think most guys are looking at her face

She has a face?

its noo yawk!! everrything goes.

What's line on whether or not "Cheyenne," is her real name?

Cheyenne from NJ? Must be really, really far western NJ.

Her middle name is Autumn.

I have read that in Europe, when showing public nudity, they don't pixelate the body parts, they pixelate the faces.

Apparently the phrase"she's a stunner" now has a different meaning than the one I am used to.

I always thought that it meant "Pleasing to the eye" or "Exceptionally pretty".

Not in her case. I do believe that she's channeling Camilla Parker Bowles, aka "HorseFace".

I agree with ligirl and PirateBoy. Just another wannabe looking for her 15 minutes of fame.

If she's not on the Spitzer Weiner ticket...well then...if that is the case...there is no proof of the existence of god.

I must admit that now that I look at her face (and her nose in particular) - yes, she has one - I can see the issue. But unless she said "hey, I'm up here" I doubt many guys would notice.

Yeah, in her case, she probably wants to say she's down there. Or find a new barber.

When kids need attention, I say give them some. Adults, not so much.

I think what she did was awesome and it got her the media attention she deserves for spreading awareness about her platform.

And I think she's pretty on top of it.

You guys are the reasons that celebrities lose their minds. Sheez, give some support.

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