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July 19, 2013


Here I am at the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace. The guards are bigger than I expected.



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Why doesn't Kate just get her finger out on with it so Dave can get back to his usual folderol?

Oh wait, this is Dave's usual folderol.

Carry on.

That girl looks awfully bored considering how close she is to a rock star.

with all the tv coverage there for the royal delivery
i'm expecting to see dave streak naked in the background

not without his blue shirt!

If they used Depends, they wouldn't need to be changed so often.

Try the Klaatu Platter!


Is it true that Cyberdog is Prince Charles' online pseudonym?

So Fritz Lang retires from cinema and opens a pub ...

Wow, the guards really do just stand there even when tourists, sit on their feet.

Their size is an indication that they may not be the real Royal Guard. The fact that the one on the left (David's right) has huge boobs confirms it.

Dave looked a lot taller when I met him in Atlanta. Is the one on the right (without the boobs) single?

Robots serve hotdogs in England? Cool.

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