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July 10, 2013


Wigs for babies.

(Thanks to Jean Marie Walker Bentley)


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"“It’s endless — baby stilettos were a big thing last year for babies that can’t walk,” she told Smith."

That's why stilettos are perfect for them. For women who actually want to walk? Not so much

On the plus side, it will reduce the need for baby-comb overs: The so-called, 'Trump tiara.'

When my sisters were babies my mother would stick a barrette on their few hairs to make sure everyone knew they were girls.

Of course the frilly dresses were a hint....

When I was a baby, my mother made me wear a false nose and mustache so people wouldn't mistake me for Patrick Stewart.

Did she call you Groucho, Omni?

I saw Baby Stilettos open for Santana.

Well, yeah.

So, now all babies can look like Young Winston.

Brilliant product innovations such as this are the key to pulling our economy out of the doldrums.

Hair extensions to quickly follow.

another blast from people with too much money and waaay too much time.

in the 'related links:

. . . because That's what we want to instill in our children - ?

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