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July 03, 2013


“No woman should be forced to have a Brazilian wax against her will and certainly no one should be fired for refusing to have one.”

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Hear! Hear!

Or is that Hair! Hair!


Wow, mandatory job requirement. Verrrry interesting

nursecindy says if the guy told her she had to get a Brazilian as a job requirement she would have said, "you first."

Then she's probably call Mikey to bring the portable.

So true Jeff. I do wonder if he was taping these waxings for his viewing enjoyment later. Anytime you're ready Mikey just let me know.

She signed on for a job that requires her to, as she puts it, "touch (the client's/victim's/Mikey's) genitalia and anus" as part of the process and then she gets all prim and proper? If I were a client (and I never/ever would be), I'd hope that the person ripping the hair off my nether region would at least have an idea what it felt like.

As the only male in the health department, I once declined the nurses' request that I be the subject of their "prostate-exam practice".
I kept my job.

Steve, did you give them a big "thumbs up", like Dave's colonoscopy sign?

No, it was more like a pucker-up.

You know the old saying: Hair today....

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