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July 12, 2013


We're sure...and we'll think of something funny to say about it in just a few minutes.


(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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55 DAYS til KICKOFF!!!!

(thanks, judi!)

Chick porn

I'm a chick, and my reaction is EYE BLEACH, RIGHT NOW.

Steroids: It's what's for dinner!

He needs a haircut.

I would also like to thank Allen at Division. THANK YOU!! This made my day so much happier!

Claymation ...

YUM! Now get a haircut!

Fabio plays for the Packers?

I'm with Guin on this one.

I am a computer nerd. I'm hacking his system right now. I am reprogramming his DNA so he now looks like a naked mole rat. Yep. I feel better about myself already.

Is that a chastity belt or what?

Yes he's muscular and manly. I'm sure there are many women who would love to feel his strong embrace or watch him take a shower as he executes plays on the football field. Unfortunately I'm more attracted to the soft, nerdy types. Still, thanks to Judi and Allen at Division.

I'm betting an entire wall at his house dedicated to The Village People.

I suspect judi is doublechecking his discount.

More proof that you can have one kind of six-pack, or the other kind of six-pack, but you can't have both.

You can't have him. However, Brian Urlacher is very, very available.

OK ladies, don't say I never gave you your presents.

Perhaps I should add: NSFW.

Just how heavy is that helmet?! It looks like his right arm is 2 inches longer than the left.

This is the easiest way to make several women smile at once that I've ever discovered. I just wish they'd keep photographers out of my locker room...


Yea, not doing much for me either. I think it's the hair.

For some reason, smartness pushes my buttons. Go figure.

wow. Thanks Allen & judi! nice package too!

He's good to look at (although I agree that he should get a haircut), but something about his expression makes me think I wouldn't actually like him.

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