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July 09, 2013


Man attacked by fox while sitting on toilet

(Thanks to Ryan Young, who notes "It must have scared the crap out of him.")


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for a (very) vaguely related story search for "Ben Cochrum" on this page.

Another story idea for Downton Abbey.

it was 'like' a wild animal? duh - it WAS a wild animal. duh.

Queensbee -- you beat me to it.

well, i guess when you're being chased by a wild animal you say dumb stuff..... or not...we once had a birdie get in our house, and of course, the errant meeses in the winter. when i first read that article, i thought he had an outhouse!

When did foxes learn to use toilets?

Yesterday, one of my co-workers was outside on a break and happened to spot a small kit fox hiding in a tree. Just then, my manager walked by, looked at the fox, then told us "Maybe it is a coyote?"

Yeah, the thing coyotes are most know for is their ability to climb trees...

Managers were created for occasions like these!

I've never had a fox attack me when I was on the toilet, walked in on me, but she's never attacked me. And for those who question her continuing foxiness I remind them that the poets say "a thing of joy is a beauty forever." Oh wait, he was attacked by an animal fox, not a woman fox - nope, never been attacked by one of those either.

. . .Megan ?? ? ?


I didn't actually know kit foxes could climb trees. Red foxes cannot.

Elon, they can if you throw them high enough.

If you were standing, would it be covered by the "stand your ground" laws?

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